The Trail Beadz Journey

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What is Trail Beadz™?

It is a fun way to discover new destinations!

Trail Beadz™ encompasses far more than just of hunting down bead charms; it is about exploration and discovery.

We like to think of it as Pokemon Go meets Pandora Beads meets Wine Trails!

Pokemon Go is a location based rewards game that is played by millions of people.  It gets people out and moving to discover new locations and acquire the characters in the game.  Pandora beads are a widely popular collectible bracelet that women love to collect and customize.  Trail Beadz is a mesh of the two:  A fun way to discover new destinations, wineries, boutiques and more as you collect the bead charms to create your custom memory bracelet of each destination.  It is a fun way to commemorate your life and journey.

A big part of the fun is connecting with the story of the business and being part of their story.  Don’t forget to ask why they chose that bead and learn about their story.

As in any true adventure, you will need a map–which you can pick up at any of the Trail Beadz™ businesses or by going to our fully mobilized website where you will find a map, pictures of the beads, and a partner event calendar.  You can even get directions to your next stop from your  phone. Please share your Trail Beadz™ stories.  Post your photos on social media and tag us. #trailbeadz #onthetrailbeadztrail.

“The world is shaped by two things — stories told and the memories they leave behind” ―Vera Nazarian, Dreams of the Compass Rose

Happy Trails!

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