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Spring is here.  It’s amazing how a little warmth, sunshine and seeing the trees and flowers bloom can boost your mood—almost like you are blooming after a dormant winter too.

I love biking but haven’t done it in a long time.  Now that I have moved from Silicon Valley to Lodi, it just feels like the world is much more open to me for things I love in my spare time.  Literally, I can feel like I can just jump on my bike and go anywhere.  Not something I would have done in the Silicon Valley.

I haven’t yet explored Lodi’s 22 cycling routes yet, but in anticipation, I recently purchased a used Specialized Bike.  Just a little tune up, and I will be ready to explore! With all the scenic vineyards, orchards and the Mediterranean climate, not to mention that the land is mostly flat, Lodi is perfect for cycling for all experience levels.

Lodi’s Bike Routes can be printed from the Visit Lodi! website, downloaded to your Garmin or accessed through the RideWithGPS app on your phone.  If you would like to get more involved with the biking scene and biking tourism in Lodi, check out

From Visit Lodi! Website (, the top 9 bike routes in Lodi are the following.  Visit their website for details.

1. Consumnes River Preserve with Blossom Road Loop

2. Four Wineries and a Café

3. East-North Figure Eight with Winery Stops

4. Lodi Lake Family Fun Ride

5. Delta River Ride to Sacramento with Return by Train

6. Lodi Airport Café with Winery Stops.

7. Ride Country Roads Linking Lodi, Galt, Thornton, and Woodbridge with Food Stops

8.  Bird Watching, Wine Tasting & Lunch

9. Weekend Wine Jaunt

But Lodi is also known for several annual cycling events that include Lodi Cyclefest, Tour dell Vigne, Giro D’Vino and Cyclocross.  While those events seem a little ambitious for me right now, I am planning on riding in the 3rd Annual Pedal de Vino in October.  This is a much shorter, laid back, ride between several wineries with a lunch sponsored at the end.  I will post more details about this event as we get closer to it. Perfect for amateur cyclists, like myself, to get out there, cycle and meet new great people!

Get your bikes out, tuned up and join me exploring Lodi!

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