On Launching Lodi

By | Lodi

On Launching Lodi

What a great experience launching the Lodi Trail Beadz Trail has been. What started out as nervous sales calls has turned into a deep relationship for me with Lodi.  Many  customers, others met through the Lodi Chamber of Commerce and in the community have been so supportive and encouraging.

An amazing place to visit if you like wine but really don’t know that much about it—or even if you do! Lodi’s low-key and friendly atmosphere really takes any fear from lack of wine knowledge away.  I cannot think of a better place to start learning.  Having a wine palate that leans more towards white wine, I was determined to start expanding my wine horizons.  Since Lodi is famous for their old vine Zinfandels, I immediately made it a point to start tasting that varietal.  My first stop at Zinfandel tasting left me thinking it wasn’t a favorite, but  I quickly learned that no matter what you think you don’t like, you need to keep tasting.  Eventually you will find a winemaker who puts a spin on the varietal that your palate will enjoy. An open mind in life is always a good thing.

Ask questions!  They are always happy to answer questions about their wines, but don’t forget to ask them about their story.  Every winery has a story of how they came to be and where they are going.  Our Trail Beadz charms represent a little piece of their story.  You are part of their story and they of yours.  Memorialize your journey by collecting Trail Beadz charms while you discover an amazing location with great wines, great restaurants, great shops and boutiques and, most importantly, really great people.

Thank you, Lodi, for making Trail Beadz feel so welcome. You will always have a special place in my 💖!